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GPS Dock 1 LLC - Design Studio

Beautifully 3D Printed and UV resistant

Garmin Aera 760 GPS Dock - a new approach

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About Us

Have you ever wondered why some plastic parts cost more than you think they should and don't have the features you want or even work properly?  It's because there are a lot of middle men involved.  I have an idea to change that using 3D printing.  You can purchase these products from this site or you can print your own with "Open Source" .stl files.  We know how to print these well and we are willing to share that knowledge with the thousands of personal printers. See the link "Open Source" at the top of the page to access the files and detailed print instructions to get rolling, or just take them to your nearest print shop and perhaps they can use them to make a perfect part for you.  Delivering an .stl file to the world is more efficient than shipping a finished part but we are willing to ship a part if desired.  The .stl files are the exact same as we manufacture except the label is changed from "GPS Dock 1" to "GPS Dock 1 OS" to indicate Open Source.   This gives you options for sourcing these parts, buy from us or make your own.

GPS Dock 1 LLC is primarily a design studio.  We don't have inventory, tooling, printers or plastic.  We contract our printing to local expert printing companies.  Print time to fulfill orders is 2 - 7 days.  We may also consider other printing sources if they can meet our stringent quality requirements.  If you think you qualify, let us know. 

We like to design and have nothing else to do, so if you need a GPS Dock that we don't offer, send us your avionics and attachment cables we will make you one for FREE in order to have the pattern and release it as "Open Source".  Turn time is approximately two weeks. 

If you have a design you believe is beneficial to aviation and are willing to share it, send it to us for evaluation and if it passes our stringent quality review, it will be uploaded as "Open Source". 

If you benefit from this site and want to support this Open Source effort I am not opposed to a donation but the Open Source information is entirely free.  

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